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What’s For Lunch

Our catering team works hard to ensure that the children have a balanced diet, whilst making it as delicious as possible. Meals are prepared freshly each day in the school kitchen. Mrs Bhogal, our catering manager, works closely with parents to ensure healthy, nutritional options are available to the children.

A few of the golden rules in our kitchen are:

  • All school meals are cooked without adding any extra salt; herbs and seasoning are added for flavouring instead
  • For their morning snack the children have fruit and are also offered something else to choose from such as: cream crackers, cheese fingers, dried fruit, breadsticks, homemade carrot cake, flapjack or scones
  • All cakes and tray bakes have had their recipe sugar intake quartered and yet they still taste delightful
  • All our tomato sauces are cooked with carrots and courgettes added and blended in for extra goodness; the children don’t realise how nutritious the sauces are, they just notice how delicious they taste!
  • All sausages, cod fillet fish fingers and chicken fillet nuggets are oven-baked rather than fried
  • We use 50/50 wholemeal and white flour to make our bread
  • All vegetables are freshly steamed to retain their goodness and nutrition
  • We serve fresh, natural, unsweetened yoghurt, topped with a range of fruit purees so the children can create their own flavours
  • Additionally, fresh fruit is available all day long; children can choose it for breakfast, snack time, lunchtime, at after school clubs or at Owls
  • In the spirit of keeping the children interested in trying new flavours and introducing new superfoods, we have added goji berries into our flapjacks and chia seeds to our biscuits as hidden health boosters
  • We have introduced popcorn as a morning snack; it is ‘popped’ in the kitchen with no added salt or sugar making it a healthy and nutritious snack

Menus are changed weekly, on a two-weekly cycle. Sample menus are available to download by using the links below:





Our recipes

Our catering manager has put together some of her favourite recipes for you to try at home. You can download them using the links below:

Meatballs in tomato sauce

pumpkin and banana cake

Christmas shortbread

courgette and lemon cupcakes recipe

Pear and chocolate crumble