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It’s National Careers Week!

Posted on 06th of March 2023

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a career working with children? Wonder no more! To mark National Careers Week, Mrs Webster, Headteacher at Pilgrims, tells us all about what it is like to inspire our children and staff every day.

Pilgrims’ school values enable everyone to feel included, respected and have a sense of belonging whether a pupil, parent or member of staff.

I am very lucky that every day at Pilgrims is filled with new adventures, challenges and achievements. No two days are ever the same! One day the children could be researching wildlife in the school pond, the next day ‘going on a bear hunt’ on the field and the next trying to create their own animated cartoon on the computer.  This means that we, as staff, get to experience all of these exciting opportunities ourselves too!

The innovative and forward-thinking approach we have to teaching at Pilgrims enables everyone in our school community to become confident learners, inspiring everyone to ‘have a go’, providing them with the tools to reach their full potential.


Our purpose-built facilities provide an atmosphere that enables both children and staff to unearth their individual interests and talents. We then get to share these with one another and encourage those around us to try new opportunities and take on new challenges. In particular, our staff benefit from a wide range of training workshops so that whatever their skill or passion, we can offer them support and career development.

Each day at Pilgrims, surrounded by our inspiring children and staff, allows me to create long-lasting memories.

Are you interested in creating your own special memories and coming on an adventure with us?  If so, head over to our careers page to see our current vacancies.