fbpx Main School - Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School, Bedford

Main School

Age 4 to 7 years

Main school follows on seamlessly from Pre School. Our small classes, each with their own fully qualified teacher and teaching assistant, ensure that your child is able to work at their own pace; challenges are increased when appropriate and any difficulties are addressed quickly. Through a creative and innovative curriculum the children in Reception to Year 2 are taken on learning journeys, each one filled with a variety of opportunities to investigate, question, discover and enjoy. Inspiring topics capture the children’s imagination as they adventure through Storms and Shipwrecks, explore Pole to Pole and travel back in time looking Upstairs and Downstairs.


4 to 5 years

Children joining Reception attend full-time from the beginning of the Autumn Term. During the year, your child will continue to build upon the basic skills already established in Pre School. At this stage, particular emphasis is placed on developing independence – each child is expected to take increasing responsibility for their own belongings, demonstrate care for themselves and for others and begin to understand that there are consequences to actions. The class teacher carefully plan exciting termly topics linked to sessions in literacy, numeracy and knowledge of the world to enhance the children’s learning.

The timetable in Reception also includes visits to the IT suite, library and Hall for gymnastics. Specialist teachers provide weekly sessions in French, swimming, games and music.

Year 1

5 to 6 years

With foundations securely in place, the children in Year 1 are now ready to become more independent in their learning. Whilst still following a creative curriculum, subjects are more formally timetabled. Topic titles are used to teach key skills in contexts which are familiar and interesting to the children. On their travels to “the pond and beyond” the children will explore the plant life and creatures living in the environment. Back in the classroom, they will develop their literacy skills by writing a report about what they have found, whilst in science they will investigate and analyse the samples taken from the pond.

Confidence and independence continues to be promoted and expectations remain high as the children head towards Year 2.

Year 2

6 to 7 years

In Year 2 the children are guided and encouraged to further develop their academic and personal qualities. As role models to the younger children, additional responsibilities and challenges are introduced. By assisting with various roles around the school, the children are able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the school values.

At some point during this school year, there is an expectation that all our children will attend a two night residential trip, focussing on team building and leadership skills. This trip is key in highlighting the children’s hidden talents and interests which may not be easily identified within the classroom environment.

Creativity and imagination continues to be developed through many concerts, plays and performances to the school and the wider community.

By the end of Year 2 the children are well prepared both academically and socially for the excitement and challenges of their move to their next school.