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School is back! Our top 5 tips for a happy return to the classroom

Posted on 16th of September 2022

School has reopened and the children are once again settling back in to school life after an exciting summer holiday. Mrs Webster, Headteacher at Pilgrims School, explains how parents can help children adapt to school life once again and make for a happy and exciting approach to learning.

The return to school is an exciting time for both pupils and staff – and something we always look forward to here at Pilgrims. Our first week back has been full of fun and engaging lessons and it has been great to see so many happy faces once again.

But starting school can also be a time of uncertainty for the children, and so it is good practice to work on a routine to adapt to school life after the summer holiday to ensure they arrive happy and ready to learn.

  1. Talk to your children about their concerns

School is a fun and inclusive place for children to learn and play – but it is perfectly natural if your child has any worries. Talking to them about school life and the enjoyment they can share with classmates can help ease their concerns and make them excited for the time ahead.

  1. Discuss your child’s day with them

It is important you understand the experiences of your child during their education. Talking to them about their day can be an exciting opportunity for the children and a chance for them to further comprehend what they have learned.

  1. Get your child’s uniform ready together

Help your child to get their uniform out so they recognise it is a school day. Your child will enjoy the responsibility of picking out their clothes with you and this will encourage them to start learning to put it on all by themselves. If you have time, you can even prepare their uniform the night before for a smooth and stress-free morning.

  1. Pack appropriately

In a similar way to your child’s uniform, working alongside your children to pack their bags for the following day at school both helps to ease early morning rushes and help instil new routines. Inviting children to help pack their bag is also a great way of teaching responsibility.

  1. Make sure to rest

Especially during the early days of the autumn term! The return to school can be a tiring time for children. Prioritising free time and the importance of a good night’s sleep is important and can help both children and parents adjust to their new routine.

Children and parents who have any concerns about school life can speak to our staff at any time for support. The Pilgrims family is an inclusive and supportive one, and we look out for each other.

We look forward to another successful term and cannot wait to see the things our children can achieve.

Make sure to regularly check back on our news page for the latest updates and to see all the fantastic activities the children get up to throughout this school year!