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An exciting summer ahead for Pilgrims!

Posted on 20th of April 2022

It’s the start of the summer term here at Pilgrims and there is an exciting selection of new topics and activities taking place among all year groups. Pilgrims’ Headteacher, Mrs Webster, explains more about what each year group are going to be up to.

Coming back from the Easter holidays, we have lots of interesting things planned for this term – from learning about “Animal Tales”, to exploring different modes of transport, and lots of exciting trips planned for every year group!


The children’s summer term topic is “Animal Tales”. This topic involves the children learning about different animals from around the world.

They will be visiting Woburn Safari Park as part of their learning journey, which is home to many endangered and exotic animals. There they will be able to learn first-hand how the animals, such as lions, tigers, rhinos and giraffes, live.


Year 1

The topic for Year 1 this term is “On the Move”. There are lots of different modes of transport to learn about!

Children will explore the Pilgrims’ race for flight, discover how trains have transformed through time and explore different types of cars and bikes. They will learn about the book “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” by Quentin Blake, which is set to come to life with a Pilgrims’ cycle safety session, where the children will build their knowledge of road safety.

The children will also enjoy a trip to Stoke Bruerne where they will go on a canal boat ride! They will be learning about Stoke Bruerne and canal art in lessons this term, so the trip will give them first-hand experience of exploring a new mode of transport.

They will also visit the canal museum, where they will use their research skills to investigate artefacts in the museum.

By the end of this term, some questions we hope to answer are how have bikes changed through history? What do we use transport for? Who used/uses canals? And why are trains important?


Year 2

Year 2 are also set for an exciting start to the summer term, with a three-day residential trip to Hindleap Warren.  On the trip they’ll experience lots of thrilling outdoor adventure activities and take part in teambuilding tasks like den building – as well as jumping into muddy pools!

These fun and engaging activities will help Year 2 build their communication, physical skills and mental agility while learning about different team dynamics and leadership styles.

Welcome everyone to the summer term at Pilgrims – we have a host of fun activities taking place and lots of new things to learn!  We can’t wait.