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Day in the life as an Early Years Practitioner

Posted on 08th of January 2024

At Pilgrims, no two days are the same when you work with little people. From gardening to storytelling, to playing in the mud kitchen, our Early Years Practitioners have heaps of fun.

Here, Early Years Practitioner Mrs Hotti takes you through a Day in her life at Pilgrims.

Every day is a new adventure as an Early Years Practitioner. As I step into the school, I am filled with anticipation, wondering what role I will play in the children’s imaginative worlds today. Will I be a hairdresser, a storyteller, a gardener, or a chef in the mud kitchen? The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes every day at Pilgrims unique.

Each morning begins welcoming all the beaming children to school. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to connect with parents, fostering strong relationships and building a close-knit community with families.

Today, our day kicked off with outdoor adventures. Armed with waterproofs and wellies, I helped the children gear up for a day of exploration and play in the great outdoors.

Tea parties are a must, with the children learning the art of pouring and filling their cups and experiencing the joy of pretend play in the fresh air.

Arts and crafts follow, with pipe cleaners, paper and glitter transforming into imaginative masterpieces. Our adventures continue as we delve into water play, sparking curiosity about the objects floating and sinking.

After all the excitement, it was time for a well-deserved snack break, fostering social interactions and sharing among the children. It was then time for a quick tidy-up. Tidying up is a team effort at Pilgrims, teaching the children the importance of responsibility.

Following that, I began my dedicated non-contact period, during which I stepped away from direct interaction with the children to note down observations for sharing with parents. Additionally, I utilise this time to engage in training sessions and collaborate with colleagues to brainstorm fresh activity ideas.

Then I returned to the children and we joined Mr. Carr for an IT lesson. Today’s challenge was colouring a leaf on the computer, helping the children to develop their fine motor skills.

Then it was time for lunch! Lunchtime is not just a meal – it is a chance to connect with the children and discuss the morning’s activities. On the menu today was some tasty arrabbiata chicken with pasta. I enjoy these moments of conversation over food.

After lunch, the fun moved inside. The afternoon began with a story and today’s enchanting tale was ‘The Gruffalo’. The children sit transfixed while I read their stories aloud. Witnessing the children captivated by the story is immensely rewarding and I love to share my love for literature with them.

It was then time for a 1:1 meeting with my line manager. These sessions serve as a valuable opportunity to delve into the aspects of my role that I find fulfilling, explore potential future training opportunities and provide a space for me to discuss my ongoing Level 3 Early Year Practitioner course. Being at the beginning of this course, it’s particularly beneficial to have a dedicated time to talk through my progress.

Then, it was off to Mrs. Ellis’ garden, where the children discovered the magic of planting seeds, watching them grow, and eventually harvesting the fruits and vegetables. At Pilgrims, we believe that you’re never too young to develop green fingers.

As the children’s day came to a close, it was time to greet all the parents. It is lovely to tell them what their child has done during the day, including their various activities and achievements. After our catch up it is time to wave goodbye knowing that tomorrow holds another exciting day brimming with new adventures.

Reflecting on my day, I am grateful for the variety of experiences I share with the children.

At Pilgrims, the emphasis is on fostering kindness, curiosity and respect.

So, what could you bring to Pilgrims? A passion for nurturing young minds, a love for adventure and the ability to embrace the unexpected with a smile.

Join us at Pilgrims, where every day is a new adventure in the wonderful journey of early childhood education.

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