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Christmas – a time to give, as well as receive

Posted on 18th of December 2019

With children around the country busy writing their present list for Father Christmas, Mrs Webster, Pilgrims’ Headteacher explains why the school takes time to remind the children about the importance of giving.

December is here and with it comes all the joys of Christmas; decorations, festive lights, carols, nativity performances and, of course, writing to Father Christmas.  At Pilgrims, however, we also understand the importance of teaching the children that Christmas is not just about the presents they may receive.  It’s about much more.

During a recent assembly we asked the children to share their thoughts on what makes Christmas special to them.  We heard lots about family traditions such as digging up the tree from last Christmas which has spent all year at the bottom on the garden, to watching Elf the movie every evening for a week, to making edible tree decorations to deliver to the neighbours.  All demonstrating how most of the children’s precious memories at Christmas time are far from being materialistic.

Many of the children’s stories also mentioned other people; whether it’s carol singing outside a neighbour’s house, to relatives arriving from “a place called London which is really, really far away” to the excitement of calling their friends on the telephone to wish them “Merry Christmas”.

Our children consistently amaze us with their generosity of spirit and an empathy for others – something which fits the Christmas spirit whether you are religious or not.  The choir were delighted to visit the local residential home to not only sing Christmas carols to the residents but also invite them to watch a Nativity performance at school, followed by a delicious afternoon tea.  The children were excited to be able to sit with the residents and to hear about how Christmas gifts have changed over the years.  They were amazed to find out that Christmas stockings used to be filled with apples, oranges and nuts – not toys, books and computer games!  It was lovely to see the expressions on all the faces around the table; both young and old.

So, no matter what you receive for Christmas this year, please also remember the joy of giving; your gift doesn’t have to be wrapped up in paper, it can arrive in the form of a surprise telephone call, a warm hug or even a Christmas sing-song.

Merry Christmas everyone!