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Workout with Woolfy

Posted on 16th of June 2021

At Pilgrims we help to ensure that children participate in regular exercise, with the aim of making sure that our children continue their love of physical activity into the next stage of their school journey and then into adult life. Here, our enthusiastic Specialist Tennis and PE Coach, Mr Woolf from ‘Woolfy Tennis’ explains why taking part in exercise and physical activity is so beneficial to the children.

The children at Pilgrims are all at crucial stages of their growth, so it is important that they lead healthy lifestyles. The more physical activity a child participates in when they are young, the more likely they will continue as they get older.

Exercise not only helps children to look after their physical health and fitness, but it also benefits mental health. Physical activity reduces anxiety, helps children to pay better attention at school and promotes good sleep, which is critical for brain development. So, all in all, exercise helps children to get the most out of school!

Therefore, sport is a very important part of school life for the children at Pilgrims. We want all of the children to enjoy sports and so we teach them healthy competition, but also that having fun is not all about winning, it’s about taking part.

Some children naturally enjoy taking part in sports activities, while others may need some encouragement to participate in physical activity. At Pilgrims the staff know how important it is to find something that the children enjoy in order to encourage movement.

Mr Woolf and Pilgrims pupils

One idea for you to do at home is to take regular trips to the park or open spaces and play catch or tag with them.  We also encourage the children to walk, cycle or scoot to school wherever possible.

Parents and caregivers can also be a role model for the children by taking part in physical activity themselves – active parents tend to raise active children! For some inspiration of exercise to do at home with the whole family, head to the ‘Pilgrims at Home’ page on our website and join in with the ‘Workout with Woolfy’ video!