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Pilgrims School is incredibly proud of how our staff, parents and pupils have adapted to home learning throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We pride ourselves on delivering an innovative and creative curriculum, so we have adapted to these changes and ensured that all children who are learning from home continue to receive a full and rich curriculum. This includes lessons from our specialist IT, French and music teachers as well as activities covering PE and learning outdoors.

Watch at home with us:

We are pleased to share an insight into our Home Learning provision across a series of videos. We will cover some of the topics our pupils have been learning, along with activities that you can do at home with your children. Watch below for a taster video.


Below we feature:

  • how we have adapted our learning provision to ensure children still receive a full and rich curriculum
  • how emotional resilience continues to be a priority at Pilgrims
  • our support for families, children and parents


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outdoor learning Physical education Art and Geography

Home Learning Provision Numeracy Literacy

flexible and fun:

We are aware that families find themselves in a variety of different circumstances which may affect their ability to support learning at home. This is why we have ensured that our weekly timetables have been created in a flexible way to offer our Home Learning families the opportunity to work in the best way for them.

For some, this might be following our suggested timetables, for others it might be accessing the teaching at different times and in a different order. Therefore, the inclusion of teaching videos within our Home Learning provision allows our families flexible access to the lesson input, to replay it if needed and to complete the work at their own pace and at a time convenient to their own family circumstances. Alongside this, we continue to provide live interactive teaching sessions, live music assemblies and time for the children to catch up with their class teacher and friends. Children access and upload their work via a familiar platform and the teachers are able view, monitor and feedback on each child’s work.

Examples of our daily timetable can be seen using the links below.  These timetables contain all the information the children and their parents need, including links and resources to download.

Reception  YEAR 1 YEAR 2

Getting the balance right:

However, it’s not all about school work and following a timetable. Pastoral support continues to be a priority at Pilgrims and the children follow The Mind Map Charity’s emotional resilience programme which develops their emotional literacy skills.

The children participate in Kipsy’s Caterpillar Club on a weekly basis with their class teacher. During this session the children enjoy a story and have the opportunity to discuss the week’s feeling. The sessions finish with ‘Calm Time’ where the children can practise how to be calm. In order to ensure continuity for the children, Mrs Morales, our Pastoral Co-Ordinator, invites the children to her ‘Kipsy the Caterpillar Club’ as part of the children’s weekly timetable. Although the children can participate independently, parents are encouraged to support their child with any further discussions they may wish to have after the video has finished. The children will be experiencing a range of feelings and emotions during this time and it is important that they are able to discuss these with their grown-up.

Within main school, the timetable includes opportunities during morning and afternoon ‘Teacher Times’ for the Home Learning children to talk to their teacher and friends. This boosts the children’s sense of inclusion and connection with school which, in turn, also supports their wellbeing. Our Learning Support Assistants also ensure that the children who require Additional Educational Support continue to receive this at home.

We are still here for you:

Communication is more important than ever and our staff continue to be on hand should a parent or child have a question or concern at any time. Staff make regular calls to their families at home to check that everything is OK and that they are able to access everything they need.

We encourage parents to share their home observations, achievements and ‘WOW’ moments too. Our general weekly newsletters also remind parents of how to keep in touch as well as providing helpful Home Learning ‘Hints and Tips’ (see link below).


Outdoor Learning

Physical Education

Art and Geography

Home learning provision



Pilgrims is much more than a school. It is a happy, caring community where your child will learn, play and thrive. Our website touches on some of the many qualities which make our school so special.

If you would like to arrange a visit, or have any enquiries regarding availability and the admissions procedure, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Karen Sinclair, via email on k.sinclair@pilgrims-school.org.uk or by telephone on 01234 369555.

We would be delighted to organise a tour, albeit within the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Alternatively our prospectus contains further information about the school and the different stages of the Pilgrims School journey. You can request to receive a copy here.

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