Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pilgrims School (including Little Pilgrims and Pre School) is closed now until further notice due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. However, the school will continue to offer education to children of identified key worker families and these have been notified directly.


As the school is closed to most of the pupils until further notice, your child’s class teacher will be arranging home learning activities for the children to complete each week. At the beginning of each week your Room or Year Group will email you the learning which has been planned for the week ahead. This will be organised in the following way:

  • All age groups
    Children will have some age appropriate daily tasks to take part in ranging from having tummy time in the Baby Room to completing 15 minutes of TT Rockstar practice in Year 2.
  • Little Pilgrims
    Each room will receive a weekly ‘Next Steps Activity Grid’ and an ‘Additional Activity List’. ‘The Next Steps Activity Grid’ will contain ten suggested activities for the week. We suggest the children complete one activity for each session they attend. So, for example, if a child attends all day on a Monday and Wednesday (4 sessions), they would complete four activities. The activities in this grid are related to the identified ‘next steps’ for each room. Running alongside this, there will be a more general ‘Activity List’ which will be sent out to all rooms giving additional activities you might like to do with your child.
  • Pre School and Reception
    Children will receive 3 ‘Activity Banks’ each week, a literacy, a numeracy and a topic one. Each ‘Activity Bank’ will contain a list of five activities for the week with sets of instructions. We suggest the children in Reception choose one activity from each ‘Activity Bank’ every day and for Pre School one from each, for each day they normally attend. Alongside this they will also have an ‘Activity Grid’ with some additional activities on they might like to complete.
  • Years 1 and 2
    Children will receive a Literacy, Numeracy and a Topic/Specialist ‘Activity Bank’ each week. The Topic/Specialist one will contain lessons for IT, French, Music and Topic. We suggest the children choose one activity from each ‘Activity Bank’ each day. Alongside this they will have an additional ‘Activity Grid’ with some further activities on they might like to complete.

Purple Mash 

Some of the activities for the children in Reception to Year 2 will require them to use their Purple Mash account. All children should have received a log in. Please ask your child to log-in to the program and complete the ‘2Paint’ task which has been set as a ‘test activity’ in the ‘2Dos’ section. This will allow you to check that the system is working properly at home for you. Please let your class teacher know if you have any problems with the program. If you have problems logging in, please could you photograph the error message on the screen.


We think it is very important for the children to still hear and see the adults they are normally with in school. With this in mind, and to help keep that emotional link with us, each age group will provide some video links for some of their activities and these will be able to be viewed on our Pilgrims’ YouTube channel.


How to protect yourself video

Events and school trips

As the school is now closed, the following events have either had to be cancelled or postponed. Please find the details below:

  • Pilgrims Parents Cake Sale (2BS): Thursday 19 March – This has now been CANCELLED. We hope to reschedule later in the year
  • Year 2 Production: Friday 20 March – This has now been POSTPONED. We will reschedule later in the year
  • Reception trip to Woburn: Monday 23 March – This has now been POSTPONED. We hope to reschedule later in the year
  • Year 1 Church trip: Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March – POSTPONED following instructions from the Church.
  • Choir visit to Airedale: Tuesday 24 March – This has now been CANCELLED
  • Tennis Tournament: Wednesday 25 March – This event at Bedford School has been CANCELLED
  • Hindleap Warren, Year 2 Residential: Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 April – Unfortunately, this event has had to be CANCELLED as the setting has been directed to close (updated 19 March).

We thank you very much for your help and understanding at this difficult time. We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school soon.


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