fbpx Pilgrims Pre Prep | Fond farewell to our Year 2 pupils

Fond farewells to our Year 2s – The end of Pilgrims but the beginning of the future

Posted on 25th of July 2018

As we end the school year, there is a lot of excitement but also a lot of sadness as we say goodbye to our Year 2s.

Many of our children will have been with us since Little Pilgrims so their journey here will literally have started with their very first steps. We understand that little people start learning from birth, so we take every opportunity to nurture that inherent curiosity and creativity to provide the best possible educational start for each and every child in our care.

Throughout their time at Pilgrims, all of our children are constantly reminded of our values; kindness, curiosity and respect. As well as nurturing their interests and developing their ideas, we inspire them to open their minds to new opportunities and challenges. We also engage the children with the wider community to enhance their understanding of the world around them, so we hope this is something that they will take with them as they continue their educational journey.

At Pilgrims, we provide all our pupils with a safe and happy environment full of rich and challenging opportunities. We motivate each child to discover their full potential whilst recognising and supporting individual needs. We aim to stimulate the children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity encouraging them to be confident and independent thinkers, giving them the best possible start to their Harpur Trust journey.

On their final day with us, we invited all the Year 2 children and parents to join us to celebrate their children’s achievements during their time at Pilgrims. It was a great opportunity for the children to showcase what they have learned and say thank you and goodbye to teachers and pupils who are going to other schools.

The majority of our children progress from Year 2 into Year 3 at one of the other three Harpur Trust schools: Bedford School, Bedford Girls’ School, and Bedford Modern School.  Our aspiration as educators is to enable every child to flourish, whatever their destination. We continue to remain in touch with children and their families, particularly those with younger siblings still at Pilgrims and as the Harpur Trust Pre-Preparatory, we have particularly strong links with the junior schools. We love to watch with interest and delight as our children continue to achieve and we encourage children and parents to maintain a close relationship with everyone here at Pilgrims as they continue their journey.