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Spring forwards – enjoying the great outdoors at Pilgrims

Posted on 15th of April 2018

With the clocks going forward last month and the slow change of the seasons upon us, we are definitely experiencing spring here at Pilgrims.  The buds on the trees are already producing blossom, the daffodils are in full bloom; our outdoor areas are beginning to look lush and green; and our wildlife pond is brimming with new life. Once our children are back at school after the Easter holidays, they will be exploring the pond for frog spawn, tadpoles and tiny baby frogs; newts; and all manner of exciting discoveries during their Forest School sessions.

The children will also be using their ‘green’ fingers to get stuck into the school garden, planting seeds and tending plants as they grow to maturity under their supervision.  Hence, the rows of Wellies neatly stacked outside the classrooms; an essential part of our school kit!

Each spring, the children are enthralled by the sight from inside our nesting boxes.  We have a blue tit who returns each year to raise a new family and we have two nest-box cameras set up so the children can watch as she lays her eggs.  They then watch in wonder as the eggs hatch and the baby birds take flight for the first time.

There’s lots you can look out for with your children at home at this time of year.  Spot the bumblebees hovering around the new flowers and the honeybees forging ahead to find the choicest nectar.  The butterflies that frequent your gardens are quite a sight to behold and discovering the names of Red Admirals, Speckled Wood, Brimstone, Comma and Peacock with your children is a real joy.  We try and encourage different species of butterflies at Pilgrims and it’s something that everyone can do by growing wildflowers as well as cultivated flowers in your gardens at home.

Pilgrims children will be following the seasons, as spring becomes summer, and our work, conversations, art displays and activities will reflect the abundance that the warmer weather brings.  If you want to catch a flavour of how we use our outdoor areas and encourage learning through play, then watch our video and join with us as we celebrate the great outdoors, whatever the weather!