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It’s the end of another school year. So, let’s take a look back…

Posted on 19th of July 2021

It’s safe to say that the 2020/21 school year has not been your average year. Here, Mrs Webster, Headteacher at Pilgrims School, sums up the academic year we have had at Pilgrims and explains how everyone has taken all of the adjustments thrown our way in their stride.

We have endured lots of changes, lots of restrictions and lots of new rules over the last year, both in and out of school, and we have even experienced a period of learning from home. But the way that all of the children and staff have showed such courage and resilience throughout this year has been amazing.

We have offered support to the Pilgrims community and beyond throughout the coronavirus pandemic and worked alongside Making Me Charity to look after our mental health. Pilgrims Parents donated school uniform to pupils from St Nicholas Preparatory School in Ghana and we moved our open days online, to provide an insight into school life with our 360 virtual tour.

St Nicholas Preparatory School, Ghana

St Nicholas Preparatory School pupils in Ghana wearing donated Pilgrims School uniform.

Our resident pooch, Jake, has become a hugely important part of school life and he was so excited to welcome all of the Pilgrims pupils and staff back to school on their return in March.

Back in school we have learnt about dragons, princesses and knights, our family, different jobs, the Arctic and the Antarctic. We have held a sports day, understood the importance of kindness, explored our curiosity, worked out with Woolfy and even built a new preschool!

Mr Woolf handing out Mr A Tennis Award

Jonny Woolf handing out our new Mr A Tennis Award, in memory of Mr Anderson who worked at Pilgrims for years and loved to play football with the children in our Owls/Holiday Club.

Thank you to each and every one of you – pupils, parents and staff included – for all of your hard work and for adapting so well to the changes the last school year has brought. I am so proud of what we as a school community have achieved.

It has certainly been a memorable year for us all at Pilgrims and I can’t wait to welcome you all back for the new school year in September. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the summer holidays!

Kindergarten pupils on the hunt for bugs

Kindergarten pupils on the hunt for bugs.