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Castles, knights and the world around us – what we’re learning about at Pilgrims

Posted on 14th of October 2020

It’s the beginning of a brand-new academic year here at Pilgrims. From discovering dragon eggs on the field to finding out about the different jobs people do, Pilgrims’ headteacher Mrs Webster explains what fun things the children will be getting up to over the coming months.

After months of home-learning and not being able to see our friends, it’s great that we’re all allowed back in school to start the new academic year together. Although we are still social distancing and making sure we keep the classrooms clean and wash our hands regularly, we’re really enjoying being back at school and we have lots of exciting things to learn over the coming weeks.


Reception have started the year by talking about ‘me and my world’. Children are working together and learning all about sharing and taking turns, which is particularly important after being at home for so long during lockdown.

Learning about numbers, writing simple sentences and understanding daily routines are also some of the skills pupils will be developing this term.

We are very excited to be finding out about our family, jobs and reading books about seasons and Christmas, while watching Autumn Watch on BBC to learn more about nature and wildlife.

The teachers have also arranged ‘visits’ from some other parents and members of the local community to take place via Zoom, so the children can ask questions about their jobs!

Year 1

Meanwhile, in Year 1, the theme this term is ‘Oh what a knight!’ which means building drawbridges, investigating dragons and writing to a princess all form part of the school day.

We’re excited to find out about castles, dragons and knights and use our imagination to become a good knight and help rescue the princess (or help the princess rescue herself!).

Perhaps you could spend some time over half term visiting a real-life castle or building a model castle to keep the princess safe? There are also lots of interesting books to read including the Secret World of Castles and the Princess and the Pea!

Year 2

In their final year at Pilgrims, the children will be learning about the Arctic and the Antarctic as part of their ‘Pole to Pole’ topic; which animals live there? do polar bears live next to penguins? do humans live there? what do their houses look like? The children have already created their very own ‘Inukshuks’ – a cultural Inuit art tradition from the Arctic. The children made them using clay and, outside, using real stones.

Getting used to being back at school

We understand that some children may be finding returning to school particularly scary. This is why we’re making sure we make their experience is as normal as possible, so they don’t become overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Beyond the classroom the children will return to their swimming, games and PE sessions and also enjoy some lessons outside in our purpose-built, outdoor classroom.

Staff will continue to remind children about the importance of keeping classrooms and equipment clean and practicing personal hygiene, so we keep ourselves, our friends and our families safe.

A copy of our coronavirus risk assessment can be found here: https://www.pilgrims-school.info/school-life/covid-19/