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Handwriting – why it matters

A child’s education is a journey which begins with learning through play, closely followed by the building blocks o...

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Summer Reading – how it enhances your child’s love of books

At Pilgrims School our aim is to inspire children to love learning.  And to learn, we know it is important to read. ...

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Stay Safe in the Sun

We all love a sunny day but what we have to remember is that while the sun can promote good health through the genera...

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Forming Habits at an Early Age to encourage Healthy Living and a Healthy Heart

Pilgrims School Healthy Heart Week: Monday 26th  June to Friday 30th  June...

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Careers Open Day at Pilgrims

There are few jobs more rewarding than working with children and playing a vital role in their education during their...

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Summer is on its way!

Nature and the great outdoors play an integral part in a child’s education at Pilgrims.  The summer term’s topic...

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Spring Watch – Nature is springing to life

Let them discover …

The great outdoors can be the best ‘classroom’ for young children ...

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The Sound of Music . . .

. . . can be heard everyday throughout Little Pilgrims, Pre School and main school.  We actively encourage the enjoy...

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It All Starts at Pilgrims

With another Pilgrims Open Day on the horizon we wanted to talk in this blog about planning for your little one’s e...

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New Year Challenges, New Year Promises

Having successfully negotiated the first term of a new academic year, our children are now settled into their school ...

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Endings and New Beginnings

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Advent: the gift of preparation

Advent is the festival before Christmas that is all about preparation.  It begins on the nearest Sunday to St Andrew...

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The Way We Are

At this time of year, we are:

1. Proud that everyone has settled in after the summer holiday...

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The Beauty of Autumn

Every season has its own special appeal.  Spring is full of the hope of new life emerging from the cold of winter; s...

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